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My first submission!!!

2008-11-16 14:21:46 by Hawkeye131

Finally, after a whole day, iv made my first submission!! it will be here withen a day or 2. Its called "The City of lost hope" and will be in the audio for all to worship!

P.S. im also working a song called grab your fathers gun, it might take a while caus a mate that helps record is bed-ridden


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2008-11-16 14:31:02

Does it sound good?

Hawkeye131 responds:

to me yes, to you, we'll find out, it was recorde by me and my mates, it also has words, i hope to see your review


2008-11-17 05:09:25

good idea, we need more music in our lives!


2008-12-07 19:14:58

Loved it ;) as I explained not in my choice but objectively it's awesome
I gave it a 5 and wishes to hear more of your submissions

Hawkeye131 responds:

you bet, im almost done with # 2


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