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a little side note on the song

2008-11-17 16:48:42 by Hawkeye131

thers a few things i'd like to clear up about the song iv got on here
1. I'm in a band with 2 other mates of mine
2. Im not the singer, im the bass player
3. it took 6 monts for Eduard (the actual singer) to fix up the tone and
sound of the song on his compute
4. im only a co-writer of the song

P.S tell what you think when its finally out
P.P.S We dont actually have a band name, so any sugjestions would be welcome


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2008-11-25 01:53:54

Hello fellow bassist. We have a few things in common.
I too am emo. Well, mildly at least.
I too am in a band with a few of my mates o_O
I can't wait to hear the song. It will kick ass or my name isn't Jack Pistoncoffee! (teehee)

I did see it!!! That orphanage did attack you indeed!!! OH YES!!!


2008-12-21 19:42:25

im not emo im more of the preky goth but how but "the elite" idk i suck at names dont i