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El Baile de las Vacas

2008-12-19 21:20:31 by Hawkeye131

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So you're decorating your tree house and you're having a bit of an interior decorating crisis. On one wall, you have your scab collection. Very nice. On another wall, you have a picture of your dad lying naked on a bearskin rug. Sexy. And on the third wall, you have the heads of an entire Boy Scout troop. That online taxidermy degree has really paid off, hasn't it? But what should go on the fourth wall?

WEll the Answer is a giant Mega Computer that will constantally play this puerto rico music video


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2009-01-15 20:07:23

ummmm......thats nots what on my wall lol


2009-01-25 22:01:09

Where did you think up your name from? I am just curious.

(Updated ) Hawkeye131 responds:

the name hawkeye?? thats from a really old inside joke the started when we were out drinking, it hard to explain and it s not funny to you

or if your refering to the song names, then i guess it just comes to me, from writing poems to just every day shit that just happens