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Entry #6

My girlfriend!

2009-01-26 20:15:17 by Hawkeye131

she's starting to learn to play bass, mostly just to make me feel infeior, so im still trying to win, but who do you think is better? me or her? (so hot....)

My girlfriend!


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2009-01-29 17:57:49

nice art exept why did he have to kill dogs why coudnt he kill cats or people dogs are only thing in this world that i dont hate

Hawkeye131 responds:

srry, but dogs were the first thing i thought of, and in one of the comics, 2 attack dogs came at him, so he threw a knife and used his awsome powers to stop 'em


2009-02-25 17:34:09

Poor doggies....never had a chance against that cow human thing lol jk
nice drawing btw


2009-04-05 17:04:49

Dude, don't have such an inferiority complex! First its the drummer, then your own gf? Chicks with basses are hot as hell! I'd drool incoherently if my gf even thought of touching my bass. Oh, and btw, if that's her, she's holding a guitar not a bass lol.

Hawkeye131 responds:

"EVEN IF SHE WAS TOUCHING MY BASS"!!!!!!!!!! thats very funny to me.......


2009-04-06 15:29:36

you are probably the better bassist dude.

Hawkeye131 responds:

sc043---------------------::score ::


2009-04-16 04:00:41

i really don't know, anyway,


2009-05-16 14:01:11


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