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My girlfriend!

2009-01-26 20:15:17 by Hawkeye131

she's starting to learn to play bass, mostly just to make me feel infeior, so im still trying to win, but who do you think is better? me or her? (so hot....)

My girlfriend!

El Baile de las Vacas

2008-12-19 21:20:31 by Hawkeye131

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So you're decorating your tree house and you're having a bit of an interior decorating crisis. On one wall, you have your scab collection. Very nice. On another wall, you have a picture of your dad lying naked on a bearskin rug. Sexy. And on the third wall, you have the heads of an entire Boy Scout troop. That online taxidermy degree has really paid off, hasn't it? But what should go on the fourth wall?

WEll the Answer is a giant Mega Computer that will constantally play this puerto rico music video

we are starting production

2008-12-13 17:19:13 by Hawkeye131

we are starting work/ the writing on our newest song " the last night home" since weve omly just finnished the words, it could take a we little bit, but i hope it pays off

a little side note on the song

2008-11-17 16:48:42 by Hawkeye131

thers a few things i'd like to clear up about the song iv got on here
1. I'm in a band with 2 other mates of mine
2. Im not the singer, im the bass player
3. it took 6 monts for Eduard (the actual singer) to fix up the tone and
sound of the song on his compute
4. im only a co-writer of the song

P.S tell what you think when its finally out
P.P.S We dont actually have a band name, so any sugjestions would be welcome

My first submission!!!

2008-11-16 14:21:46 by Hawkeye131

Finally, after a whole day, iv made my first submission!! it will be here withen a day or 2. Its called "The City of lost hope" and will be in the audio for all to worship!

P.S. im also working a song called grab your fathers gun, it might take a while caus a mate that helps record is bed-ridden

Hello anyone

2008-11-16 09:47:12 by Hawkeye131

Hello user that stumbled onto this page. Im very new as you can tell, so im not that good at the whole programming thing per-say. Ill try to upload some stuff, but im not quite sure yet. but ill make sur to support anyone's games, movies of flashes.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beggining and the end